My Big Fat Greek Mac

A little site for the greek Mac User!

It's been some time now, I see some greek friends of mine, jumbled with their new Mac. I thought, for those who just came into the computer world, it mustn't be that easy! Put upon the newness of the matter, the fact that they have also to fight with greek within the machine and you get the image!

So, I decided to build a little site (blog-like), in greek, to help a little. If that's your case, here's the Big Fat Greek Mac!


Un petit site pout le Mac User grec!

Depuis un moment, j'observe des amis grecs qui se battent avec leur nouveau Mac. Je me dis, pour quelqu'un qui entre juste, dans le monde de l'informatique, ça ne doit pas être la vie facile! Mettez en plus le problème du grec dans la machine et vous voyez le topo!

Alors, je me suis décidé de mettre en ligne quelques posts, en grec, pour aider un peu. Si vous vous sentez concernés, alors Mesdames et Messieurs, voici mon Big Fat Greek Mac!


Ενα σιτάκι για τον Ελληνα Mac User!

Παρακολουθώ εδώ και λίγο καιρό μερικούς Ελληνες φίλους, να παλεύουν με το καινούριο τους Μακ. Λέω, για κάποιον που μπαίνει τώρα στον κόσμο των κομπιούτερ, δεν πρέπει νάναι και ρόδινα τα πράγματα! Είναι που είναι νέοι, βάλε κι από πάνω το θέμα των ελληνικών…, κατάλαβες χάος!

Ετσι λοιπόν, πήρα την απόφαση να φτιάξω ένα σιτάκι (μπλογκοειδές δηλαδή), να βοηθήσω λίγο. Αν νομίζετε ότι σας ενδιαφέρει, σάς παρουσιάζω το Big Fat Greek Mac!

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Technorati problem solved II

I just got a mail from Technorati support, regarding the configuration problem I mentioned earlier:

… the issue… Configuring your Blog. This is a known issue and we have rolled out improvements and upgrades since your last email, and so your issue should have been solved in that time. Please try configuring your blog again

So, this is a known issue! Hmm!

Thanks Janice!

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Technorati problem solved

Late at night, the configuration page at Technorati, was on again. Probably some internal server malfunction caused this.

Now, everything is fine.

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What's Up Technorati?

I passed by the Technorati site this morning, willing to claim a blog. Everything went fine till the moment that I tried to configure the blog, you know, description, keywords etc…

After the click on the configure button, I got a completely empty page. Completely white! Even the source code had nothing in!

After the first surprise gone, I suspected being some problem with the browser (Safari), which I had upgaded lately. Firefox gave the same results. I checked on Windows, using Firefox, even… you know, that "browser". Nothing!

Worse, all the other blogs in my account had the same behavior. Empty pages after the configure button!

Nothing in Technorati's site gave me an answer.

Do you know something about? Please let me know.

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iTunes: One Billion Songs

One Billion Songs
I know you know it already. I just wanted to remind you that in a few days it will be sold the song in the iTunes Music Store!

The 500.000.000th song has being sold this summer. Apple, wants to celebrate the event, so there will be a superb price to win. Look here for the details. Prepare your iTunes and fine-tune your mouse button! There will be only one winner click! I'll try my best to be mine!

See you at the exit!

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Walk The Line!

Well, released last November, it just arrived this week, to the little village I live, so tonight I went to the movies.

Forced by the omnipresent obligation, in the film making industry, of producing only commercially successful movies, this one axes a little too much, to my taste, on romance.

The Legend, was not built only on that!

Hopefully, the movie is rescued by the superb performances of Joaquin Phoenix (perfect on Johnny Cash's gestures) and Reese Witherspoon.

Especially for her I'd say that, the amazing cheerfulness emerging out of her acting, is of the kind that can resurrect the dead! During the whole movie, her face is a source of optimism! Hats Off, my lady!

I'm sure the real June Carter had that charisma, too. Don't forget, she managed to keep in peace an otherwise sad man for all those long years! And the fact that he disappeared some months only after her passing, just supports this point of view.

However, I expected to see in the movie, more of Cash's pro life, more of his musical achievments, more of his relations with other musicians. And I don't get the point of telling the Cash story just till '68! Except if there will be a II.

As a bottom line, this movie just Walks the Line!

P.S. Find more about the movie in the Walk the Line official web site. Or watch the trailer at Apple's movie trailer box. And give your opinion about, in the comments field, below.

P.S.2 I liked the appearance of Shooter Jennings, playing his father Waylon.

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Backup, Backup and again BAAACKUUUUP!

Here comes my daughter:
- Dad?
- Mmh?
- My PowerBook makes a noise like a motorbike…
- Oh, shit!

It won't start. Finds no system - obvious.
It starts on an external disk.
In target mode, the host Mac sees nothing.
Tech Tool can't even sniff a molecule of the defunct.

There go, 3000+ photos, addresses, passwords and the whole schoolwork, a few months before graduation! Songs from iTunes Music Store supposed to be recoverable (it's time to see how easy really this is).

Why did't you say the Magic Word? BACKUP! It can happen any time!

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Et voilà un petit en français!

Depuis un moment je me disais que je devrais lancer un petit site en français. Apres tout, je passe un bon moment de ma vie à Paris, j'aurais de trucs à raconter.

Alors, la décision est prise et, à l'occasion de la sortie se Sandvox que j'ai mis à l'œuvre, hier soir, je me suis lancé.

Pour l'instant, une petite page. Juste pour voir. Le reste est à venir. Simple, pas beaucoup de glin-glin, même pas de tags. Juste une petite entrée de commentaires par Haloscan (que j'ai pas encore francisée), pour que vous me laissiez vos idées.

Alors, bienvenu au petit, passez lui rendre visite. C'est .

P.S. Sandvox est un logiciel de création de pages web pour Mac, qui vient de poster une version beta d'évaluation. Vous pouvez le tester vous aussi. Téléchargez-le ici.

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Exit the Blacklist

As I described two days ago, the Blogger Robots hit again! They put my Αθηναίοι του Πλανήτη blog in the blacklist, suspected to be a Spam blog!

The human intervention was very rapid this time, a few hours later, it was whitelisted again! - Thank you guys!

And back was the pings to Technorati. Which gives the proof that Technorati is strongly attached to Blogger's analysis for listing blogs. The question remains (at least for me), by what tech they get linked to that Blogger's blacklist.

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Has Every Blog To Suffer This?

Two of my blogs at Blogger had been locked in the past, by the Blogger robots, thinking they were Spam blogs. First was "The Greek Adventure" joined a few days later by "Phivos News".

I had to ask for a human review, to see them back on the surface. During that period (some 4 to 5 days), I couldn't post using an external tool (ecto), I couldn't ping either. For posting, I had to enter the Bogger Dashboard and pas the "human submission verification". And of course, I was excluded from the Blog Roulette.

Strangely, for the time this torture lasted, Technorati didn't accept any ping, even from their own page!

When at last, somebody saw my blogs, I got a mail confirming me the blogs were again whitelisted. I posted there to thank them.

At least, I learned some things about what to do and mostly, what not to do, in order to avoid being blacklisted! Or, so I thought, until…

…until this morning, when it started again! Another blog I keep at Blogger "Αθηναίοι του Πλανήτη", in greek language this one, got blacklisted by these terrible robots. Robots think my blog is a Spam blog. When I tried to post, I got this message:

Your post has been saved as a draft instead of published. You must go to Blogger.com to publish your post.
To prevent these errors in the future, request a review at: http://www.blogger.com/unlock-blog.g?blogID=…

Sorry for the inconvenience

While the Dashboard message was:
Your blog requires word verification
Blogger's spam-prevention robots have detected that your blog has characteristics of a spam blog. Since you're an actual person reading this, your blog is probably not a spam blog. Automated spam detection is inherently fuzzy, and we sincerely apologize for this false positive.
Before we can turn off mandatory word verification on your posts we'll need to have a human review your blog and verify that it is not a spam blog. Please fill out the form below to get a review.

Now, I have nothing else to do except wait for the time to pass. I'll keep my still inherently clear mind busy, trying to find out what the hell triggers the inherently fuzzy suspicious minds of these malfunctioning robots!

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Look what man can imagine, when he's after money!

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Greece married to Microsoft!

A significant agreement, ties the public domain to the software giant.

I just posted about, in The Greek Adventure

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The most expensive Internet Access

According to a MacUser survey, Greece is the country of Europe having the most expensive access to the Internet.

This doesn't surprise me. I posted some words in The Greek Adventure.

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