This blog seemed abandoned? Nothing like this! Follow up!


Time for a dive

Stop it! Stop that working therapy - for a while.

Alright! But...

This city isn't mine anymore. Friends never come back. What the new occupants have chosen as a life, wasn't in my then dreams. Not to mention the tooth my ex just tore me off!

I think I have to go. Let the sea-water do its job!

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Moonchild on hold

Due to my everlasting enthusiasm for playing with new toys, Phivos calling Moonchild, my greek blog, is blocked for some time! Posts since early August, don't come online.

Phivos calling Moonchild

I'll try to find the time to repair this and bring it it back alive.

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9 Minutes of Fame

You try to be the first to hit the site. You win, your blog gets on the front page of 9 minutes, for... 9 minutes.

9 minutes of fame

Andy at the time, gave more! Anyway!

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Apple iPhone

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Blogger Beta...

...is not beta any more!

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The Internet Governance Forum

It is held in Athens, from 30 October to 2 November, 2006.

The UN General Assembly, back in December 2001, endorsed the holding of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS). Two phases were scheduled.

The objective of the first phase was to develop and foster a clear statement of political will and take concrete steps to establish the foundations for an Information Society for all, reflecting all the different interests at stake.

The objective of the second phase was to put Plan of Action, decided during the first phase, into motion as well as to find solutions and reach agreements in the fields of Internet governance, financing mechanisms, and follow-up and implementation of the produced documents.

In a suite with the World Summit on the Information Society came the The Internet Governance Forum (IGF). Its main purpose will be to discuss a wide range of issues related to Internet Governance, and, where appropriate, to make recommendations to the international community. The working and function of the Forum will be multilateral, multi-stakeholder democratic and transparent.

So, here we talk about Internet Governance. Governance! It's in the name of it. Does the Internet need a Governance? Has ever been such a matter of a discussion, some sort of meditation, before concluding there's need for Governance? Or it's just the automated way of figuring out things, that led reflect? As much I could search, I found nothing about such a prior discourse!

This is why, to me, when it comes to an Internet Governance Forum, it doesn't even make sense, such a Forum.

Internet has been born free and grows up less and less controlable. It is not surprising to see governments trying to take control over the Internet. It has always been this way with every expression media.

However, I'm confident that the freedom of speech cannot be banned. For the simple reason that technology works for it. Open networks are coming really fast. New wireless technologies will connect people with each other, letting out the need to pass through traditional ISPs. We're heading towards underground uncontrollable networks. Helped by the emerging technologies.

And, since these technologies mean money for the Big Companies, to stop them, one should have to stop capitalism, first!

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We're not closed!

If I don't post here since quite long, is because the blogging tool I use for this blog (ecto), isn't updated for using the Blogger Beta.

Here's what the developer says:
There's a lot of stuff happening at Blogger side. They're switching to a new version of their blogging system with a new API. I don't know what they're doing to the old servers, but I'm getting a lot of error reports. All I can do is work on ecto3 so it is compatible with the new Blogger version. But again, I only have so much time I can spend on ecto3.

Till that time and the release of ecto3, this blog stays in the freezer. However, all my other blogs and sites are open. You can find some of them at the sidebar. Look for my latest posts, under the "Other Phivos' Posts" Header.

I'll be back here, as soon as Adriaan finishes working on the new version.

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Firefox on Mac, as good as on Windows?

Post in Greek Language

A lot of people switching from Windows to the Mac, take with them their trusty browser Firefox. We discuss on My Big Fat Greek Mac, about the Macintosh version of the browser and put it face to face with the native Safari browser.

Is finally Firefox on the Mac, as good as it's Windows version? Find out reading Firefox & Safari

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Photoshop can be a harmful tool!

It happens sometimes, I have to introduce Photoshop to people that have, almost never in their lives, touched a computer.

By the end of the first training day, they come up with some "retouched" photos, most of them showing cloned clouds or birds over skies, using the rubber stamp tool. All agree their masterpieces won't fool a child, pull their photos to the trashcan and leave the classroom loughing happily.

None of these photos has ever been as bad as this one!


But this one was manipulated by a professional photographer, trying to put a little more drama to the scene. I don't find shockin, what he did. Photographers show us their point of view, even if they manipulate their photos, in exactly the same way reporters have always transmit their point of view, manipulating their texts! We are conscious of that.

What I find shocking, is that the guy didn't see any problem in his photo! I'm sure he didn't see it. It is not possible to release such a photo, being concious of all the consequences - this is the end of a career - if one has previously seen this. The professional photographer's eye, just didn't see any trouble!

I won't come again with the good old days, where the reporters knew how to use their tools, etc. But, after the shutter priority, after the autofocus, after the intelligent light mettering, don't you think, dear photoreporter, you should put just a little bit of brains into your work?

Adobe should sue this guy for slandering Photoshop and its abilities!

The photo comes from one of the sites that published it. It belongs to Reuters.

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Switched to the New Blogger

All Phivos' Blogger blogs are switched to the New (Beta) Blogger publishing scheme. Not without some light injuries. I'll work to put them back in order.

If visiting, you notice some malfunction or other niceties, please be kind to report here.

As about the New Blogger, we'll talk about, soon.

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This Week on Phivos' Planet

Make Extra Money With A Blog
By Alan Liew

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Read , in the Phivos' Planet Home Page.

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