Greek Alumni of Ionidios School

As I was surfing, this afternoon, I fell upon a site, for people having passed their scholarships in Ionidios School, at Piraeus, Greece.

A little later, I found another similar site, based in America , this one.

If, for some reason, you are concerned, just visit! Subscriptions are free!

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The Athenians of the Planet

Here's a new blog in Blogger. It's called "Αθηναίοι του Πλανήτη" - The Athenians of the Planet.

This blog is built for people hat have been born in Athens, Greece, but they don't live actually, there. Greeks that have grown with the greek language and the greek culture.

Athens, one of the most ancient cities, gave much to the History and Culture of the World. We, the expatriated Athenians, love Athens and we like to travel there, as often as possible. Accommodation during our staying there is essential. Hotels, rooms but also travel plans like airplane and boat tickets. Because Athens is surrounded by the bluest sea and the most beautiful islands, we like visiting all these resorts as well as the ancient greek monuments.

Information about restaurants and local tavernas is also important. Because the famous greek food, moussaka and ouzo, is only in Greece where one can taste the best!

Reading about all these in this web site, will help us plan our visit to refresh our memories. Thank you for proposing us your ideas and your services. We will visit this site again and again, in order to find the most about life in Athens.

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Ski in Greece

I just posted on the The Greek Adventure, a few words about snow coming onto Athens and the ski resorts of Greece. Visit!

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Apple Computer visits Phivos' News

Late last night, my StatCounter stats showed an Apple Computer visit to the last post, about Sandvox and iWeb! Applause, please! They came in, following a search result for Sandvox, in Technorati!


Fame knocks the door this blog!

P.S.1 Apple is worrying about Sandvox's impact, against iWeb?
P.S.2 THE SCOOP! Apple don't upgrade their own machines! They surf the web using Safari 1.2! On what? Bondi iMac?

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Sandvox, an alternative to iWeb?

Now that iWeb, Apple's own web publishing software for the Mac, is out, you may find it nice but you may also find it quite frustrating, since it almost pushes you to get a dotMac account for publishing (publishing to another server, although it is possible, is not for Mr. Everybody).

Sandvox Icon, Looks Like A Sandbox

You should check out Sandvox, the website builder for the Mac that is coming soon from Karelia Software. It is in public beta now, so you can try it out even though it's not ready to buy yet. (I'm encouraging people to sign up because it's a cool program, and because if you sign up, I'll get a discount when it's released. If you start referring people, you can get a discount too.) Thanks!

P.S. The URL that you should use to sign up, and to check out Sandvox, is here!

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Nikon ends the film Era!

I just posted on the About Photography site, a few words about the Nikon's decision to give up with the film cameras and lenses. There goes another classic! Vive le Roi! (call me digital!)

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The Greek Store On Blogger is online!

The Greek Store is a CaféPress powered online store, about Greece. Find here the ideal gifts, for you and your friends, with unique graphics on them. T-shirts, mugs, posters, calendars, all items take you back to Greece!

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Technorati problem indexing blog

My blog "The Greek Adventure", hosted in Blogger has recently problems with Technorati.
The pings are rejected, the tags won't give the blog, neither from Blogger, nor from Technorati pages. I deleted the blog in Technorati and claimed it again, this gave nothing. Where this stacks?

I'm investigating this behaviour. Even this post is sent for triggering reasons.

Stay tuned

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The "phivos' news" exits Technorati Blacklist

For the same reasons as the other blog, and for some more I suspect - i'll write about - the "phivos news" blog was blacklisted too! This morning came back on the surface. Look the adventures of "The Greek Advenure" in the post: The Greek Adventure: Robots won't rule!

Adobe Lightroom - I started testing it

Lightroom is a photo management software, complement to Photoshop and is believed to be the answer to Apple's previously released soft, Aperture.

I started testing this software - still in beta and only for Mac - and I'll keep posting the results in my "about photography" site, at "phivos.com".

Visit the page and come back for more!

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On its turn, 'phivos.net' joins Technorati

My Big Fat Greek (and not only) "phivos.net" site, is from now on tracked by Technorati. Not only you can get here a sign for every new post on it, you can also search anything on the site, through Technorati tags!

And don't forget, it's being already several months that the "phivos" sites come on the first places on Google (search 'phivos'). Thank you all for making them that popular!

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Aegina Fistiki rap song in The Greek Adventure

I just posted in The Greek Adventure about a song for the Aegina Island and it's famous Fistiki


useyourmac.com joins Technorati

Since this morning, 'useyourmac.com', the site for the Macintosh Computer User, is tracked by Technorati.

You can follow all new posts on this Mac site, through Technorati, or through this bolg.

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Phivos News Gathers All Phivos' Posts

From the 'phivos.net' posts to the pro 'phivos.com' sites, from the music pages to the Athenians club, find here all the latest posts of Phivos.

Themes covered, Music, Macintosh, Photography, Web Technology, Paris and Greece.