Firefox on Mac, as good as on Windows?

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A lot of people switching from Windows to the Mac, take with them their trusty browser Firefox. We discuss on My Big Fat Greek Mac, about the Macintosh version of the browser and put it face to face with the native Safari browser.

Is finally Firefox on the Mac, as good as it's Windows version? Find out reading Firefox & Safari

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Photoshop can be a harmful tool!

It happens sometimes, I have to introduce Photoshop to people that have, almost never in their lives, touched a computer.

By the end of the first training day, they come up with some "retouched" photos, most of them showing cloned clouds or birds over skies, using the rubber stamp tool. All agree their masterpieces won't fool a child, pull their photos to the trashcan and leave the classroom loughing happily.

None of these photos has ever been as bad as this one!


But this one was manipulated by a professional photographer, trying to put a little more drama to the scene. I don't find shockin, what he did. Photographers show us their point of view, even if they manipulate their photos, in exactly the same way reporters have always transmit their point of view, manipulating their texts! We are conscious of that.

What I find shocking, is that the guy didn't see any problem in his photo! I'm sure he didn't see it. It is not possible to release such a photo, being concious of all the consequences - this is the end of a career - if one has previously seen this. The professional photographer's eye, just didn't see any trouble!

I won't come again with the good old days, where the reporters knew how to use their tools, etc. But, after the shutter priority, after the autofocus, after the intelligent light mettering, don't you think, dear photoreporter, you should put just a little bit of brains into your work?

Adobe should sue this guy for slandering Photoshop and its abilities!

The photo comes from one of the sites that published it. It belongs to Reuters.

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Switched to the New Blogger

All Phivos' Blogger blogs are switched to the New (Beta) Blogger publishing scheme. Not without some light injuries. I'll work to put them back in order.

If visiting, you notice some malfunction or other niceties, please be kind to report here.

As about the New Blogger, we'll talk about, soon.

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This Week on Phivos' Planet

Make Extra Money With A Blog
By Alan Liew

...start earning advertising revenue from your blog. This can be a great source of revenue!

Read , in the Phivos' Planet Home Page.

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Για τη Χρύσα

στη μνήμη του μπαρμπα-Γιάννη

Read Για τη Χρύσα posted on Phivos calling Moonchild

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Νερό απ'την Ισπανία!

Ολες οι χώρες της Μεσογείου κατάλαβαν την αξία αυτής της ιδέας και άρχισαν ερευνητικά προγράμματα.

Read Νερό απ'την Ισπανία, posted on Για την Ελλαδα ρε Γαμώτο!

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Windows Vista Speech Recognition

The forthcoming Windows Vista OS (forthcoming, yes, indeed), is announced to support speech recognition! You know, that thing that you talk to the machine and the system recognizes your words and types the text on the screen!
Microsoft organized a demo, for this genius feature! Watch the video:

Isn't it amazing? Now, windows users will be able to get their texts into the machine 10 times slower than by typing! Wow!

Just to remind you, all Macs since 1992 can do this kind of work, perfectly, even in nin english languages. I, personally use this for years for creating my teaching documents in french!

Yes, you're right. Macs are more expensive! As all work-tools are!

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