Rain and Tears… ♫

Just woke up. It seems I'll be of right to have a lovely Parisian "Singing in the Rain" day, once again. Gray, the color of this city. Inside, outside, everywhere!

Every morning, high on the sky, I see an Eagle. He appeared a few days ago. Since then, he comes, flies a few rounds and then, he goes away. I think he keeps an eye out for something.

Nature wanted the Eagle to be Strong, Brave, Fearless, Self-sufficient and Sharp-eyed. This one is all this. But I think, he is more, much more. He is the kind of Eagle you find only in some mythical places on Earth!

Not surprisingly, somehow I feel I have spoken to him. Maybe I don't know his language, maybe he's afraid of me. Eagles don't trust humans. But, something tells me there's some way to communicate with this majestic flying creature. I start leaving crumbs, all around. Too little to see? Not for an Eagle! I wonder if he'll come this morning…

Yes, he's been back. I wave him a sign. I shake my hands. "Don't be scared, dear Eagle! You can't be scared! Don't you see me? Can't you see me?"…

Gone! Sad! I go back in the gray. Maybe tomorrow. The rain starts again. Some drops. Strange! Wait a minute. Is this rain or tears?


Let me quiz you a little!

In my village it's not a custom, but where we are, we are about to start hiding them. For someone has to find them, when time comes. Easter Eggs. Will you find yours?

A little stats bird whispered to my ear that you didn't look at the right place! Try again.

1. Where I live, Giant Praying Mantis and other "Bugs" invade the place and amuse the kids. Can you see this in your CiTy? If yes, then keep on.

2. Some people were born in time, some other missed the fun. What about you?

3. What did Samaranch say about me? Go there!

Alright! Did you find something? Did you miss something? What do you mean, you never miss! Did you try this one?


Updt: Don't cheat! Don't answer a quiz by another quiz!

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Do you want to turn your Blog into a book ?

Publish your blog into you own book, that is the idea of this new service, Blurb. I just read about in a post of The Blog Tribune

I also remember, there is a similar service proposed by CafePress

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Blogger robots, are you Nuts?

I was working on Blogger's panel, cleaning up the mess in a little blog of mine called Disneyland - Paris when all of a sudden… boom!

The Blogger robots came in action and judged my movements being suspiciously suspicious! And they banned me! Just like this!

It is not the first time. Some other of my blogs have been granted the same award in the past. The Greek Adventure last January, has being a victim of their zeal. I asked for an inspection and a few days later, things went back in order. Then came the Phivos' News turn to be suspected as a SPAM blog! But where the robots proved their real wisdom and superiority is when they hit Αθηναίοι του Πλανήτη. I could never imagine they understand greek!

What is funny is that, when you are banned, Technorati stops scanning your blog, not even accept pings from you! How do they do it?

Well here I am, once again in the blacklist! All I can do now is turn my thumbs waiting for the guys to unlock me out! Nice shot Blogger!

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Get your Blog a new face!

Are you bored of your blog's design? Maybe you've got no design at all? Just that ordinary blog theme that came with your blogging machine?

Well, see what I found for you, while surfing this morning: a site full of templates, just for bloggers. Whether you use Blogger or WordPress, or some other common blogging engine, they have something for you.

Just throw a visit to Weblog Design Studios.

On a second thought, isn't that, I myself too am stacked with an ordinary theme? Is it time for a change?

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But Blogger goes where?

I could have written this piece myself. It's exactly what I'm experiencing, five months now!

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Google goes to Mars!

After covering our entire Earth, Google exports the Mapping Concept to planet Mars. The brand new service named Google Mars is online.

It's been reported that the project was greeted with a great enthusiasm, from the Martians. "A New Era for the approaching of our two People" declared the President of March, Ping Ding Cloak.

The first photos of the project have been public, late this evening. On this one, pins locate Starbucks Coffee and McDonalds.

Bon Voyage!

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A Women's Day?

It is almost 100 years (1909) today, this idea was born and the celebration is held. But still… I DON'T GET IT!

In my mind, having a day in the year, is not "a good occasion to" talk about woman's rights, to evoke the position of the woman in our society, to remind the (huge) problems she still faces in her life. EVERY DAY should be a good occasion! Every single day of the whole year!

Having one day in the year, means not having the other 364! Humiliating, isn't it?

The most hallucinating irony: next to some "Women's Day" related article, on a High Traffic Site, ads inviting you to offer her a special gift: A Kitchen Grinder!

Have a nice Day My-ladies!

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Not surprisingly, Reese Witherspoon gets the Oscar!

Reese WitherspoonA few weeks ago, maybe more, I sent up some lines about Walk The Line. I was amazed then, by the performance of Reese Witherspoon as Mrs Carter. I wrote:

"…the amazing cheerfulness emerging out of her acting, is of the kind that can resurrect the dead! During the whole movie, her face is a source of optimism!"

I wasn't surprised this night when I heard she won the Best Actress Oscar Award. A huge turn on her acting career. Congratulations!

She'll have just two weeks now, to prepare a tremendous 3D Birthday party! I'w sure Mr and Mrs Cash won't miss it!

Happy Birthday RW.

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