We're not closed!

If I don't post here since quite long, is because the blogging tool I use for this blog (ecto), isn't updated for using the Blogger Beta.

Here's what the developer says:
There's a lot of stuff happening at Blogger side. They're switching to a new version of their blogging system with a new API. I don't know what they're doing to the old servers, but I'm getting a lot of error reports. All I can do is work on ecto3 so it is compatible with the new Blogger version. But again, I only have so much time I can spend on ecto3.

Till that time and the release of ecto3, this blog stays in the freezer. However, all my other blogs and sites are open. You can find some of them at the sidebar. Look for my latest posts, under the "Other Phivos' Posts" Header.

I'll be back here, as soon as Adriaan finishes working on the new version.

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