Blogathon 2006

There it goes, the 2006 Edition of Blogathon.

You don't know what it is? Well, this is the finest opportunity to me, to send you find out yourself.

Yes, once again this year, Jenny and Dana, will blog around the clock. Where, how, why, go over Weblog Design Studios, it's all there!

And go for it!

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phivos.net, the blog of the month

It's always a pleasure when people recognize you! Your work or your way of thinking or just you, for what you are. Especially this, has become rare in out days. So when somebody says that much good about you, even if you are a fervent opposer to institutional honors (you named me), you can't do but humbly appreciate the gesture!

Ovi Magazine is an online Magazine from Finland. A full-featured one. You should follow it.
The last issue just flew online. And guess what? Your host is granted the blog of the month, title!

What to ask more? Isn't life nice ?

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Technorati gets a new face

A few minutes ago Tecnorati launched a new template for their site. It's true the old one was, to my taste, a little confusing.

The new style gives some more general interest services pulled out of the tag database, such as sports or tech.

There is much more personal info on the cover page, like your favorites or your first 3 blogs etc.

Is it better than the old one? Time will tell. I wish they have improved the reliability of the engine behind the scenes. As I have quite often mention, not all tags are scanned correctly, not all pings are heard, not all links are found!

However, Technorati still keeps the frond of the stage. And I like it!

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Moonchild arrived home!

You may have noticed these last days some disorder on "Phivos calling Moonchild". It's because I was about to relocate it. I just finished. Now it has it's own url.

Phivos calling Moonchild

Attention, greek language only, blog!

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This Week on Phivos' Planet

How To Lose Weight Quickly and Safely
By Joseph Mullen

“I eat like a bird, why do I gain weight?” When someone says that, I ask them "What kind or a bird a sparrow or a vulture”?

Read , in the Phivos' Planet Home Page.

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Google to ban Greek language ads?

Greek AdWord advertisers aim greek public through their ads. It is obvious, the ads must be in greek language and published on greek language sites/blogs.

Google algorithms don't analyze correctly the utf-8 encoding, giving mostly japanese ads. Not of much help for all of us, on the ad field.

The workaround has been a line of javascript (unknown - to me - the author to credit). Not touching Google's code, just showing Google robots the way to the greek language, this script could be considered as a bug fix to Googles code.

Hundreds of webmasters implemented in their pages, this piece of code. And everything worked as supposed to.

All, till a few weeks ago. Suddenly, all of these sites noticed, Google stopped sending greek language ads, putting the usual generic interest - "not relevant ad found" - announcements.

The sites stopped receiving income, the advertisers lost their promoting tool and Google their commission!

To this moment, no official Google statement. We're all just investigating the fact, looking for possible causes of the trouble.

It is known that Google works on a new Greek Ad Unit in Dublin and that last week, they announced AdSense for search. A first step to the complete AdSense integration.

In the meanwhile, pennies fall on the ground!

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Madame Figaro pays homage to Phivos!


Ο άνθρωπος που θα γινόταν Βασιλιάς

Aν μπορούσε ο σύγχρονος μαζικός πολιτισμός της Eλλάδας να συμπτυχθεί σε δύο συλλαβές, αυτές θα σχημάτιζαν τη λέξη «Φοίβος».

Dixit Madame Figaro (the greek edition).

Sorry, no link! Search for yourself... Or find some info on the phivos.net home page.

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Never touch your Blogger blog's title

Blogger names the permalinks of your posts after the title you give. That's good. What is no good, in the way they have implemented this feature is that the permalink is not permanent. That means, if you decide to change the title of your blog, Blogger changes the name of the permalink, too.

If you change the title right after the first publish, it wouldn't be of great harm. But if you change id some weeks, even months later, every incoming link to your posts, will be lost.

That's exactly what happened to a blogger I know. He went a little too fast, after someone challenged him and changed all the titles of his blog, adding ordering numbers to them. 300+ posts changed permalinks and have definitely lost their incoming links. And the blog all of its rankings.

Obviously, each post is considered as a new post, triggering all automated actions associated with, such as pinging servers!

No good dear Blogger, No good!

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I'm bored of your stupidness!

It's been one year from the London underground bombing day. A few days ago.

I don't want to discuss this event, too serious a matter, to say anything about it in just a few lines.

What amazes me in times like this or like the 9-11 incident, is that there will always be some people, to describe how themselves or someone of their surrounding, escaped by almost nothing, from the disaster.

One of the classic schemes: "I woke up late that morning and I missed the fatal train! So, I'm here, alive and well to tell you this unique story!"

I'm really bored! Bored to death. Life keeps on because of a series of coincidences. Coincidence is life's greatest banality! Nothing can be somehow pre-decided!

If I manage to cross the street is because I moved myself at the right moment! A few milliseconds later, I should be run down by the passing bus. It's just a simple coincidence that all my internal mechanisms functioned correctly at this very moment and I finally arrived en face! Should I get interviewed for that by a TV Station?

Well, you woke up late enough to miss the train. But, it could be the next train to have the bomb! What would you tell your local TV ?

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My new eyeglasses

I just received my new eyeglasses, I ordered last week, from the internet.

With the latest 3D SuperHoloScan® plasma screen incorporated. They figure an index of -35 in IR Night Vision and an special anti-UV coating. A PSP dedicated HD video and an optical 7.1 surround sound input together with a ShockSense® Drive will turn my summer evenings into a really unforgettable entertainment!

I can't wait till the day I'll get to the beautiful Aegean islands for testing their underwater capabilities. They are guaranteed for 200m deep.

Write me for more info.

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This week on Phivos' Planet

Inflatable Boats: An Overview
By Kristy Annely

Summer is here. Holidays in the Greek Islands is an never to forget experience. Maybe this year you should finally get this little boat you always dreamed of and take it with you on the beach. Or a little bigger, to take some friends with.

A quick explanatory article gives you the first clues. Read about , in the Phivos' Planet Home Page.

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