Google Games

One of the most surprising searches, brought some reader to this blog!

The man (or woman, how can I know, after all) opens his browser, goes to Google and asks: "Ancient Synagogue in Diaspora on the island of Aegina".

Because it happened, some of the keywords to be in the page, this blog's January '06 archive page listed 9th on Google's answer page! The Phivos' News page contains about 15 posts of various subjects. None in relation to the reader's search. The keywords Google found, were spread all around the page. Did he find what he wanted? Of course not! Not easy to search the net!

Can you propose what the search could be to restrain the field of search only to words laying near to each other?

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April, 21. I celebrate!

Every year, this date is an occasion for a good celebration. This year in particular, the sense of this celebration is even more symbolic! I'm preparing for tonight's ceremonial fiesta!

Can you find what is this all about? What is April, 21 ?

Updt on April, 22: quite many of you read this post, none dared finally even to guess! It's NOT what you thought, you…

April, 21 2006, my daughter turned 16! :D

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Permalinks are not permanent

I just had this experience. Paging through one of my blogs, I found a mistyped word in one of the titles. What more natural than go and make the little correction?

Blogger saved this as a new file with a new title. Not that dramatic? Except that all links to this post, all search engine indexes are simply gone!

Great job Blogger!

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Generally Greatly Justifiable!

This one, at least, is right on target! However, most of times the vague character of many such Oracles, largely contributes to believe them as accurate!

Can you find what does this picture mean? Come on, be Attentive, Innovate! Surprise me!

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Greeks Build Solid!

Imagine you are about to build your house. And you want to come up with something that lasts. Who are the most reliable constructors that pop-up in mind?
Just have a look at the poster on the left of the page and say to yourself:

Greeks Build Solid!

Sounds like an ad slogan, isn't it?

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